Getting set for January

January is a great time to really kick start your internal communications!                                                                                             

There’s so much happening, so making sure you’re communicating to all your colleagues will make ‘the longest month of the year’ move a little quicker!

Here are some ideas for how you can get involved…

Dry January

After a busy Christmas, more and more people take some time out in January to avoid alcohol, why don’t you help people – by sharing stories in your team of colleagues who are getting involved or share resources available online to help people stay focused?

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Key dates that are happening through January… 

January is filled with ‘key dates’ like The Chinese New Year, Burns Night, Hug Day and Blue Monday – so make sure you’re including these in your plans and keeping people engaged around your business.

Don’t forget…

None of this has to cost too much money for your teams, there’s loads of great resources online that you can use (or point people to) so if you’ve not got your plan together, start now!

Getting the mood right: sharing how your business can help

After the festive season, many people will be dreading the New Year… maybe things have not gone as well as planned, they have bills to pay, and are worrying about what lies ahead.

As a business think about how can you share information or help that’s available to your colleagues, so they know that they’re not alone.

This could be things like sharing money saving benefits or assistance, EAP and Mental Health support – make sure you’re upweighting this early on in the month so people know there’s help available.

One final thought… 

January has to be one of the lonnnnggest months of the year, so make sure you’re taking time for yourself through the month to look after yourself.

Take time out for a little treat (it may be just a catch up with a friend or colleague) and make some time for you!

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