The power of listening…

For me this is the most important component any communication team’s toolbox.

I can’t remember who said it, but there’s a reason why we were given two ears and one mouth – we need to take time out to listen more and act upon the feedback that has been given.

More and more organisations see the benefit of taking time out to ask their teams what they think about working for the business. Colleague listening surveys are nothing new, but they provide a great way of understanding the ‘mood in the camp’.

Listening comes with a massive health warning though, it’s one thing to listen, but it’s another to act on the feedback.

I’ve been able to work for many businesses who are clear on the importance of following up on this feedback, but I’ve also heard of some horror shows where the feedback is pushed under the carpet until the next survey (and guess what happens there, yep you’ve guessed it – the same issues raise their head and the management teams are all scratching their heads as to why this has happened again!)

Action is important with any feedback, but it’s equally important to face into the feedback that can’t be changed too. Many businesses sometime shy away from this – but those who can explain why they’ll not be able to make a change will ultimately win too.

Building an open and honest communication plan from listening can really be a game changer and help build a culture that lasts.